Uploading more than 3 images throws word limit error

Hello, I was uploading some images in my status update and found that if I try to upload more than 3 images the post fails with the error message: “your status must be longer than 10 words”. I’m not sure if there is an image limit or not but if there is then it should be specified in the error message.

Yeah, I’m looking at that this morning actually. @GigaDeathNullGolem let me know about this last week, and I hadn’t had time to get to it until this weekend. I think my code is treating images as links, and that’s screwing it up. I had set it up to not let people put more than 3 links out to prevent spam, and I think the images got caught in my filter. I’ll let you know when it gets fixed.


i wantrd to confirm that it indeed looks like it is working alright now, i made a review a while back and made it private, went back and edited it. no trouble. also Thanks for fixing that.


Excellent, I can also confirm this