Twitch extension integration?

Hey guys Im new to the site and I was wondering if you ever thought about doing integration with the Twitch extensions. I searched but didnt see anything about this. If you dont know what that is, basically a while back Twitch added extensions for both stream overlays and for the panels below the stream. Not sure how you would do it exactly, but I thought it would be cool if your viewers could see your played games, as well as the backlog of games that might be coming up for the stream, it could link back to your profile and viewers could see a more in depth look at your reviews and game list. Plus this would just spread the word for the site.

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Never heard of that before actually, but it sounds cool. We’ve actually picked up quite a few users from different YouTubers and Twitch people posting about us. I’ll have to check it out!

Yea like I said not sure how exactly you would want to do it but I think it could be a nice way to display games played and reviewed, as well as upcoming games.

Heres an example
This one is for a bits leaderboard(bits are just an easy way to donate on Twitch)

Picked this one because it showed the use of different tabs, which I think you would need to use.