Trophy/Achievement System?

This is a feature request, something I know I would use frequently and love to have, is a way to track PSN trophies and Steam/Xbox Achievements. I know that PSN can be a tricky thing to integrate but I appreciate other sites like Backloggery who give you an option to say how many of x trophies you have gained. So full integration wouldn’t be needed but at least a way to manually track them and also to know which games I have 100%/platted.

Another spin-off feature would be to add a trophy update to the main update page. For instance, it’d be nice to have a way to say I gained a trophy, how I got it, and put it into an update without the other extra stuff in an update. I’m also new to this site so maybe this would be a simple thing on the site as it is.

However, without even a system to manually track my tracks on games, since my primary platform is the PS4 and trophy hunting is a big part of my gaming, I can’t recommend this site to any of my friends just yet. For me, this would be a high priority feature.

Thanks for your time!

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