Top Game Songs/Soundtracks from 2019

As a spinoff of the annual list of top games that I post I thought it might be fun to post a Spotify playlist based on that list. To kick things off here is a playlist full of curated songs based on my Top Games of 2019 list in the forums.*

Enjoy, and feel free to add your favourite songs from games you played in 2019 below.

One additional song below, because it’s not available on Spotify:

*The playlist includes a bonus track from My Friend Pedro which didn’t make my top lists, but did have a pretty great soundtrack.


Amazing playlist, my friend!

I think I’ve mostly been listening to (and playing) Sayonara Wild Hearts on a loop, but one contribution comes to mind!

Any of the three menu tracks are beautifully meditative.

But honestly… as with most of these original soundtracks, the entire thing is worth a listen.

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I’m with you on Mutazione. Unfortunately I haven’t played enough because I found the touch controls on the mobile version lacking, so I wasn’t able to include it this year. I plan to continue playing soon.

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(Sees a song from Sayonara Wild Hearts in the list)

  • nods approvingly *
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Not just one. It is probably the album I listened to most this year so I owed it at least two entries.

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