Top 250 Games on Grouvee

I watched the list on Grouvee and asking myself how this is working. Do the games are ranked by reviews or reviewers or something else? And does this list get rearranged when the review score of a game changed?



The list is based on the way IMDb generates a top 250 list. The site creator, @peter touches on it in the forum post linked here. To quote:

It’s created using the IMDB Top 250 formula which weights a games average with its number of ratings.

v = number of reviews
R = average rating
min = minimum number of reviews to be considered for the list
total_avg_rating = avg rating of every game on the site

score = (v / (v+min)) * R + (min / (v+min)) * total_avg_rating

The list gets regenerated every night.

Ok, thanks

I recently played Fate of Atlantis and was a bit shocked as I saw this list.

No problem.

I’ve been meaning to play this for years. Do you think it deserves to be on the list?

It’s definitely on MY list:slight_smile:

As I learned how the Grouvee list works, I don’t think it’s deserve a place because I can’t expect that there are enough reviewers to rank or play 30 years old games.

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