Thoughts on the 2DS

​Does anyone have a 2DS that can share their thoughts on the console? There are a number of 3DS games I would like to get my hands on and I am wondering if I really need a 3DS, or if I can go the frugal route and simply pick up a 2DS.

I’ve only had a regular 3DS and New 3DS, but I can say that I almost never use the 3D functionality.

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I don’t plan to either. I played a few minutes of Ocarina of Time in 3D when it was released and I wasn’t blown away by the 3D. I will likely leave that feature of as well. So in that respect the 2DS is fine. But I do wonder about the form factor and if people find the design comfortable to hold. I also wonder about portability, and if not having a clam shell design is a negative.

I’ve never used a 2DS, so I can’t vouch for how comfortable it’d be, but the portability probably depends on how you plan to carry it. I don’t think a 2DS can easily fit in one’s pocket, but that shouldn’t matter for people like me who carry their 3DS and cartridges in a case.

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Good point. I store my Vita in this thing, so I am no stranger to cases. I’d love to try a 2D out, but none of my local retail stores have demo units. Just 3DS units. It’s hard to know without giving it a try.

Somewhat related, since you have owned both the 3DS and new 3DS, do you think it is worth it fora newbie to spend extra money to get a new 3DS over the older model? Or should I really even care?

Unless you frequently use amiibo, a New 3DS is pretty worthless in my opinion. The only thing close to an exclusive it’s had is Xenoblade (original Wii copies are rare), but you can get that game on the Wii U now for $20. If you have a Wii U, the New 3DS won’t have anything exclusive for you.

But I will say that using the C-stick on the New 3DS is extremely convenient. In open-world games like Xenoblade and Zelda, the C-stick easily lets you move the camera without interrupting gameplay. This feature is also possible with a regular 3DS and Circle Pad Pro, of course.

All-in-all, choosing between a regular or New 3DS relies largely on preference. The more money you spend on a model, the higher the quality of said model.

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2DS owner here. Thoughts on the conversation so far:

  • Portability: yeah, it’s unlikely you have a pocket this will fit inside (unless you have a big winter coat or some cargo shorts/pants, etc.).

  • Comfort: it is actually quite comfortable for me to hold. I know it looks like it would be painful to hold for too long, but I never notice hand-cramping.

  • Game Selection: it is worth noting that the New 3DS has some Virtual Console games exclusive to it (I believe all SNES VC games are exclusive to the new 3DS).

Some other commentary on what I see as upside and downside for the 2DS:

  • Screen Size: this is the one thing that makes me wish I had an XL. I have played some demo New 3DS XLs and I LOVE how much bigger the screen is. Don’t know the exact dimensions but you may find it worth looking up.

  • Affordability: the cheaper price, to me at least, is DEFINITELY worth the small screen. I don’t use handheld gaming too much at this point, so I’m fine saving money. If the majority of my gaming moved to handheld for some reason, I’d probably splurge for a New 3DS XL.

I would really recommend searching for a local used games shop near to you (either privately-owned or a small chain), often those places let you hold and test out any used consoles they have on sale. Even if you don’t buy it used, you can see how comfortable the 2DS is for you, see the screen size difference, etc.

Hope this helps a bit and happy 2DS/3DS hunting!

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Thank you @Homebucket , that is a really helpful breakdown of pros and cons. I am not too concerned about the virtual console, as most of the SNES games I want to play on the go I already have a copy for my GB Advance (Super Mario World, A Link to the Past) or Vita (Chrono Trigger).

I’ll check around again at some used shops. So far none of the one’s I frequent have a 2DS currently, but that can change weekly.

Thanks again!

I refuse to believe that the SNES Virtual Console is exclusive to New 3DS because of hardware. Hackers have gotten SNES emulators running flawlessly on all 3DS models, and Nintendo has already successfully emulated GBA and DS games on all 3DS models.

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I have no doubt it is a tactic to sell more consoles. I can’t imagine that the basic 3DS or 2DS is unable to play SNES games.

Thank you all. I bit the bullet and picked up a Sea Green 2DS (we really love the colour and managed to find a retailer with some stock left). I figure that if I really need the 3D I’ll pick up a new 3DS at some point in the future. But if I don’t need that I am sure the 2DS will be great until the NX rolls around and I can reevaluate at that time if I need a 3DS, or if the NX will be filling the duty of a new handheld.


Sweet. I’m thinking of buying a 2DS too, but without the 3D it really feels a lot like my old DS with extra processing power. Can’t shake that feeling somehow.

Oh well.