This game should be in database

Hi, i recently added the game Wish, released on Steam manually to the database but it was not approved. I don’t know the reason it wasn’t approved as it’s currently not in the database and i’ve contacted support with no answers. Thought i’d bring it up here to either be added or clarify the reason it was rejected.

Here’s link to game steam store page.

Any answers appreciated.

Games with adult content are limited here in Grouvee in order to cater to visitors of all ages, if I recall correctly. There might be other reasons I don’t know of why it was rejected, considering there have been adult games that appear in the database except in the status feed on the main page.

I did respond to your email a few days ago from the email. It was on the 13th I responded.

I was asking you for a link to the game you were trying to submit. I don’t remember rejecting anything you’ve submitted. I’ll get this game added.

@Jevnation is kind of right about adult games. We don’t reject them, we just don’t let them show up in the New Games area on the main feed. I should probably put some kind of filter into the news feed for people who don’t want to see anything related to adult games as well.

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@peter Yes sorry i just found the email, i somehow missed it was in the junk folder. Thanks for the reply.

No worries: