Thinking about creating an app for tracking all sorts of stuff

Hi everyone,

I came across Grouvee and the Grouvee forums because I love tracking things I have done or things I own, managing my collections, and so on. I like using apps/websites for those things, but however, every app or service seems to focus on one specific topic (games, movies, books, music, countries visited, sport activities, and many more).
Being a software developer, I am now thinking of building a web-based app, where you can track everything that’s important to you, and experience the progress you make with all sorts of things that matter in your life.

I do not want to build a competing service such as Grouvee, but a complementary one. Grouvee or similar apps are great for managing the specific collection / trackings (such as games), with a lot of benefits for the user that are related to video games. In the new app, the collection (tracked games) might be present as well but with focus on everything that is common across keeping track of all sorts stuff in your life.

For example, I am thinking of gamification elements like a tracking counter which benefits from every tracking the user adds, maybe some sort of online diary that can be derived from your tracking history, a lot of ideas come to mind…
To make using the app/website as simple as possible, the user should be able to import exiting trackings from other services.

Now I have a question: If such a service existed, would it be interesting for you?
If yes, what kind of features would be decisive for you to use such an app?
What types of things / collections / items / etc would you track (or are currently tracking)?

I appreciate your feedback, because I am currently trying to find out if the idea of such an app is interesting for others. In this case, it makes sense to pursue the idea and start thinking about the next steps…

Thank you!