TheEckolite's Challenge 2021

My Challenge Sheet!

My first challenge post on this forum and I hope to beat a lot of cool new games this year


Had to ask for permission to check your sheet but, hey…! It’s impressive how you managed to find games to fill all the slots! Happy gaming!

Haha, thanks! I spent some time last night trying to do that, it’s a nice way to tackle my huge backlog

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And I changed the link so anyone can see now. Thanks for the heads up

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Did some changes to the sheet so I could keep track of playing times when I beat the games and also added a little ranking system based on how many games I beat + time played so I can compare every year which I played most

Danganronpa: Happy Trigger Havoc
Time Played: 25.2h
Date Started: 03-13-2021
Date Finished: 03-18-2021

Really cool game and one of the best Visual Novels that I’ve played. Would recomment to anyone who loves a really cool plot with interesting characters and environment.

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