The search function on this site needs to be fixed


so I like the site in general, but i very rarely use it, because:

For example, I want to find a new game to play on PC, I choose that option, then the release window, from 2021 to 2022, then hit enter and the first site is filled with DLC listings and NOT GAMES, so I have to scroll through the whole page and find an actual GAME listing and there are like 57 Pages to, this is ridiculous, there is no way I am the only one complaining about that, I have this account for 2 year or probably longer, I don’t remember, but i never really use it, because of this bad search function.

So this is an attempt to make a bit of a stink, so that the website owners add
[1] Game
[2] DLC
options in search.


While I agree that DLC should able to be filtered out in searches, the sheer quantity of games on PC and what a mess trying to browse them can be isn’t something that can be blamed solely on Grouvee. Due to a low to non-existent barrier to entry, Steam alone has an overhwleming amount of games. There were over 10,000 just last year!

I would also say the assumptive and accusatory tone of “there is no way I am the only one complaining” is unnecessary. From what I’ve seen most people here seem to use the site as a way to discuss what they’ve been playing rather than specifically a way to find what they should play next. There also seems to be a larger portion of users that play on consoles or emulators. Between these two things and the releatively small size of the active community, the idea that you’re the first to make a complaint about this specific issue isn’t exactly impossible.

Lastly on a much more personal note, using multiple sentences can really help get your ideas across more clearly. I love commas as much as the next guy and probably even overuse them, but they’re no substitute for periods.


Try your search again. It’s a long story, but basically when you filtered the games list, it wasn’t sorting by number of activities/ratings properly. I think I got it fixed up.


Tiny suggestion I thought of while trying it again to see the fix. Maybe have it so that if a user inputs a “from” date more recent than the “to” date, automatically swap them for the user.

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Wow, thank you very much, it works like a charm now! For what it’s worth, it seemed to me that entries with no exact release date were climbing to the top in search results and it happened with older console games as well not only PC’s DLCs. I encountered this bug a few weeks ago but forgot to report it haha, sorry folks :sweat_smile: