The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth

If ever there should be a thread here for a singular game, it is now and it is for this game. We all know the score.
Tell us about your great runs, what you seem to be having luck with, your favorite items/characters/cards/pills/monsters/bosses.
I want to know!

Here is a resource you guys might be interested in:

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Personally I have had the best luck with Azazel. The fact that he can fly and his attacks are his bloody vomit beam (super strong) make the game a lot easier, even though he has limited range and has only unrefillable black hearts instead of red hearts. I’ve only beaten one or two of the challenges and I’m still eager to unlock more of the items. Sometimes you get anti-grav tears with Azazel and the start of his attack beam turns into this swirly red death cloud, which is annoying because it cuts your attack speed and you now have to predict where your enemy will be instead of spraying death everywhere.

I don’t see whats so special about Eden. I played her once and never got very far with her.

Playing on a Vita is nice.

I play with Magdalene most of the time because of the extra heart I guess. I played with Azazel a few times and struggled with him. I think it’s because his attack has to charge. I’ve only killed Mom’s heart a couple of times, and not really made it any further. I also haven’t played in a couple weeks.

I think the best runs I’ve had are the ones where I get the item that causes your tears to go in a circle, then combine that with wub wub and a bunch of attack ups and you just have a mess of tears going everywhere that just destroys everything.

I agree that playing on a Vita is an incredible way to play this game. Really anything on the Vita is pretty incredible. I’m a big fan of laying down to play games on the couch.

Azazel is easily the best. The blood vomit is just far and away the most powerful starting item you can get, and I rarely wind up with red hearts by the end of the game anyway (Devil bargains are always so tempting!). So yeah, Azazel is beastly.

Eden is completely and utterly random. Try him out again and you’ll get a new batch of weirdness. If you’re lucky it might even be good stuff!

My most interesting run had me get Dr. Fetus and Little Planet at the same time. My tears would be bombs which launch out of me, orbiting around before finally settling where I was initially standing. It alternated clockwise-counter-clockwise each shot, and the only way I could get kills was by having the orbit of the bomb collide powerfully with the enemy I was “aiming” at. I didn’t win, but the fact that I got to Womb 2 is my proudest achievement ^^

The game ate my save file a couple weeks ago. I had 25 achievements left to acquire. I slew Mega Satan and had all four “Boy” achievements. At this point, I am content saying that I beat the game, and leaving it uninstalled until the next expansion hits.

I haven’t run into the good bosses yet but I have 2 mom kills. Not sure where to find these other cool bosses but I am gonna end up looking them up tonight. I hear there is an Isaac boss. I did go through a boss rush with Azazel. Was pretty fun.

Unlocking The Lost looks like a world of frustration.

just a heads up, just did the math and there will be easily over 100 new items in the upcoming rebirth expansion.. on top of A LOT more...

— Edmund McMillen (@EdmundMcMillenn) February 1, 2015

I haven’t fired the game up in a while, but I think I need to go back and figure out what the hell fighting Mom’s foot means.