Thanks Peter Corsaro

Hello Peter,

My name is Orlando, on Grouvee I’m known as FLOWFAMOUS, I am writing to give you many many thanks for creating this website, prior to Grouvee I was a bit overwhelmed with my gaming life, I had too many games with little idea of how I was to tackle them and how to prioritize them, previously I had tried logging my game info on my iPhone (that worked pretty well actually), I tried excel spreadsheets, but this site is a precious thing to me, it has me organized and focused and excited about my gaming life, I have created numerous shelves to sort through my collection and even helped me realize how much I value and appreciate certain games without even knowing, I even signed on for the premium account literally on day one and would have paid way more that just the $10 annually if I had to because the happiness and peace of mind this site has brought me is priceless, I can’t live without Grouvee, I have it logged on my PC at home, my iPad, my iPhone and also on my 2 work PC’s, once again I wanted to say many many thanks for this awesome incredible website and may it exist forever!!!


Wow! I kind of skimmed the forums yesterday, and didn’t see this post until this morning. It was an incredibly nice thing to wake up and read!

I don’t know what to say other than thank you. This is why I built the site. The community of people that has gathered up around this thing is amazing. It’s why I get up early in the morning to try and work on it still after all these years.

I hope it exists forever, and I hope you don’t get in trouble for looking at gaming websites on your work PCs :slight_smile:


This is precious. <3

Also sums up how I feel about Grouvee. I’ve used Goodreads for several years now, and love how it lets me organize my bazillion books, what I’ve read (since I sometimes forget), and how I felt about a book that I read at different times in my life.

I wanted that for games. This past summer, while working summer school (which required me to mostly sit and observe kids doing a computer program, so I would just read or do stuff on my laptop), I decided to see if a game version of Goodreads existed. And it did. I love this place so much.