Tell Me What to Play Button Bug

Hi there,
So, i don’t know if people usually use this button that is available on their collection page, but i use it to make me decide between almost 800 games in backlog :smiley:

And i noticed that in the suggestions it gives, it is showing games marked as ‘Played’, that doesn’t make much sense.
Although this is not in fact high priority would be nice see it fixed :smiley:



Excluding the default shelves Played, Playing, and Wish List from the Tell me what to play button results, along with an option for each custom shelf to be excluded would be pretty nice.

I agree with this. There isn’t really any point to the button while it suggests games I have already played or games I don’t have yet.

Just a heads up to everyone here, @peter is currently travelling. He will likely look into this issue when he is able to, upon his return.

The button returns a game from the shelf you currently have selected. So if you select the Backlog shelf, it will only return games from that list.

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My buttom is not even working at all, I get a weird error message:
“Empty: You don’t have any games on this shelf you goof!”

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