Techno Kitten Adventure

Is TKA still available? It’s supposed to be on Android Market and Facebook, but I can’t find it on either platform.

It seems doubtful. I thin this is likely one of the games that was purged when iOS was transitioned from 32-bit to 64-bit. If the dev didn’t update the game it is gone. You can probably still redownload it on an older phone if you purchased/downloaded it in past.

As for Android, you can find the APK and probably side load it if you want to play it. But it doesn’t seem to be available from any storefronts.

OK, thanks. What a bummer :frowning:
Silly me, wanting to play a 12-year old game…

Not silly at all. What is silly is that big companies don’t seem to care to much about game preservation and then it means we can’t play older games. 12 years really is not that long ago.

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