System disregarding Steam shelf setting. New shelf created when automatically adding new games

I’ve been having an issue where Grouvee decides it doesn’t want to use my Steam shelf and instead creates a new steam shelf altogether when it adds new games that I activated on Steam.

This didn’t originally occur but has begun to be an issue over the last month or so.

This is what this shelf looks like today. It is saved with the “Steam shelf” option checked. No other shelves are checked as the steam shelf.

Something interesting to note is that when the system is making this new ‘Steam’ shelf does NOT have the “Steam shelf” option checked, but the new games are being added to that new shelf. Some strange behavior there.

That’s pretty bizarre. Just a quick glance at the code I can’t really see what’s going on, but I’ll dig into it.

It didn’t originally do this so I would think maybe a change within the last two months or so may have caused it.

Yea I have noticed if I already have the game in my collection under a different shelf (my shelves are named after consoles, separated by physical and digital, and for PC I have them all per launcher.)

So in those cases I just add them manually, that hasn’t been so much of an issue rather than a feature that could be improved for QOL.

However, I have been having issues with iframes that I’m going to get some footage of before I report that.

Iframe issues on Grouvee? Is it ad related?

Oh! I can definitely test that for you. (I’ll make an entirely different post with my findings.)

Also, I think you may have fixed the Steam shelf issue? It did not occur overnight this time.