Swapping games between shelves?

So I browsed a bit through Grouvee, added my share of games but I feel like I should create another shelf and just name it: “Completed” since all the games from “Played” have been actually finished. Played seems like you could have just tried the titles just like that without actually finishing (well, that is just my perspective about it) so… I have 2 questions:

  • Is there a way to select ALL the games from my “Played” shelf and add them in another new one?
  • When you scroll through the main page (and other ones) on the site there are 4 buttons that appear bellow each game: Playing, Played, Wish List and Backlog. Is there any way to change one of them and add another one that you created yourself? For example: Instead of “Played”, I could add… “Completed”. I know there is a way to go through the list from the right and just select new ones but it would have been wayyy easier for me at least to just click once and continue scrolling for more. Should be great for some users!

Sorry about my English, if there is something that it is not understandable let me know and I’ll be happy to respond.

EDIT: Now that I think of it again, guess leaving it as “Played” is not actually something that would bother me (well, it is debatable) but the thread can still be seen as a suggestion for the future.


Bulk editing is something that’s been on my list for a while. I’d been kind of debating if it was worth it to implement because I didn’t really think the implementation would be any better than clicking the shelf buttons. What I mean is that what I’d end up doing is putting check boxes next to every game on the page, you’d go through and click every game that you wanted to put on a shelf or remove from a shelf, and then select from a dropdown what shelf you wanted to add/remove the games from. That’s just as many clicks as going through and doing the shelf buttons really. However, a select all option would make it faster, and would make sense.

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If it is in your list of doing then I think it sounds good enough for the moment. I’ll be waiting for any updates regarding this and the site in general.
Thank you for the response!

@iNFERNAL I have a few custom shelves. if i play a game a lot i put it in default ‘played’ as well as custom shelf ‘replay value dlc’ or ‘replay value mod’ or ‘played but not completed’ depending on circumstance. i also leave status ‘notes’ to clear things up (they are often contextual on a case by case basis)

But keeping track of them (or finding mistakes) can be tricky. Sometimes I will have it in a played and played not completed if i have really played it a lot but not actually completed it (morrowind) it definitely isnt of the same ilk as my backlog. it’s kind of a user personal thing.

in any case it can get out of order. but i dont know what solution is since it would seem to vary a lot by each user. I tend to complete games start to finish since joining grouvee more lol

I’ve been a fan of repurposing that five star rating system. I’d say just make a sliding scale of how done you are with a game. lol 5 stars backlog you want to play it soon. 1 star backlog you are never going to play that, and you know it! XD

I use a similar system. Played for games I’ve played any amount of, a Story Completed shelf, and a 100% Completed shelf. I also have an owned shelf to differentiate between games I own and games played at a friend’s house/in arcades.

I was stuck at a family event one night and just used that as an excuse to separate everything between Played and Owned, but a Select All button definitely would’ve helped with that.

actually an advanced bulk editor could be useful for anything that shows up in the columsn for My Shelves.but it might be tricky to implement something like that. not what you had in mind but its certainly what comes to my mind when i think of grouvee bulk editor (something that lets me edit the spreadsheet lol)

Here’s a picture to sort of show what i would think would be a nie work around for Infernals situation and might be better for a few things even.

the current data fields (Level of Completion) could just be moved to the right. they could also maybe be made to show up as a column on the shelves, so one could ‘sort and filter’ for it, and would therefore NOT require the need for a Played, Played and Completed, 100% shelves. Wouldnt this be a bit cleaner?

as for level of play. I dont know, its just an idea i had and thought i’d mention it. i currently kind of use the existing ‘completion’ stuff for makeshift ‘level of play’ so i make it work for me the way it is. some similiar sites to grouvee let you ‘weight’ things. It would be nice to also be able to make these changes directly from a game page through a three position slider or something rather than extra click to open up this dialog.

It might be good to consider what the wording for the three levels is. Since it could be going to different shelves (backlog, Wishlist, Completed) and be used in different ways. Also tick boxes arent necessarily better (I think they are worse!) but they show up differnet and a different look would be preferrable to two drop downs i think.

Heavy Play? That could be those games that some people will never stop playing (League of Legends) You could use a system like this for the wishlist such as ‘Must plays’ and ‘might plays’

But what about games you have played and you didnt play them much and you dont want to play them again? Minimal play where a game is tried and is still played.
What about games on your backlog you want to play vs games you know you probably wont ever play? (your situation in the spring) they are minimial and max priority of course and need some differentiate to anyone who really uses the backlog shelf.

Some kind of granular system would help with that i think. and it would maybe be neater to do it with some slider tool than actually swapping shelves or having redundant shelves. I like the default shelves anyway.

i realize this is not a small change but to me it seems something along the lines is a bit logical. I’m quite happy using the star rating system for this purpose though, since it achieves same thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like how that looks, especially the “Level of Play” section, it’s exactly the same as Priority which I’ve encountered before. Also, the “Set Start Date to Today” definitely saves a bit of your time since you do not need to scroll through dates everytime you decide on starting something new.

i think quick ticks (especially on game pages) would be great. The level of play thing is a bit quirky in some ways and could be considered experimental… While some users would like to have an open ended selection like that and use it for all entries on all shelves (me) i’d imagine many would prefer something more rigid or straight forward/self explanatory. It’d be real nice to be able to sort the games we’ve played a lot from stuff we waltzed through if we want to. A three point scale for each entry on default shelves would be sufficient for this kind of shelf analysis, and it could be used for all the default shelves.

The other thing is (original issue of OP) some people have made a lot of redundant and obsolete shelves that could be integrated into the defaults were there sorting methods and bulk editor. Grouvee’s filters are pretty powerful and can do a lot with just the default shelves, which can be made quite robost. So it would be nice to swap things quickly, copy, bulk edit,etc a user could work with their shelves into new site changes. it would also be neat to copy/import another users shelves.

It makes sense for quick ticks to be greyed out Or only show up for games that are ‘played’ shelf but for pragmatic purposes would be best to just have them show up when added to any shelf since that would be easier to code. (same with the playing it now and set date to finished) and its really not taking up much space anyway.

And even though it would fit in that top part (next to edit platform) I put it in a lower section because it is very much an ‘optional’ section and not only would a lot of users not want to be overwhelmed by it but i think it would also be a most excellent grouvee gold feature :stuck_out_tongue: (maybe that might motivate this idea to happen lol)

Yes. Date Information UI and entry is one of my biggest pet peeves with grouvee. Mostly its in the forgetting to close them part. I dont knwo why but I cant seem to remember to do it half the time.

My playthrough dates isnt a bad place to put short notes data field (if it ever happens) by entering it into the right side of the date information pop up. it would look nicer on the game page that in other places maybe.