SummerAzure 2019 Challenge Post


I’m going to beat group 1 for warming up.


Collect stuff and family members and throw them to shelter in the basement. After 60 seconds there is atomic bombing that begins a text game in which we ration tomato soup and react to random events like shaving beard with an axe or being saved/doomed by the cat invasion. The comedy elements are a hidden references like the unfamous Indiana Jones refrigerator. I like games with different endings possible.


During Winter Holidays I played almost whole Cube Escape/Rusty Lake series. Most of games are free to play on developers’ site! Finally I had time to finish 12th title, Rusty Lake: Paradise. I strongly recommend the series if you like occult stories. Most horrors are cheap gore but Rusty Lake is more disturbing than scary and by Victorian suspense and surreal symbolism it makes you feel uneasy.


After 18 hours of gameplay I finally reached Mars without cannibalising in Tharsis.
It’s a board game with dices, where you repair the ship and try to not get your crew killed - one game lasts only 10 turns. I died 15 times before I realised that I don’t have to repair all stuff or even get whole crew to destination, the best strategy is to balance all aspects on the edge of catastrophe - like in a good movie :smiley: I needed next 15 deaths to learn how to do that. Very hard game.


I finished Pinstripe . Loved the story, it’s a journey through the hell like in Limbo but not so scary. The art style is more like in Tim Burton’s movies. If I hadn’t lost my save file in the middle of the game twice because of crashes, :frowning: I would finish it in about 1,5 hour. And the soundtrack is great. The author of game, has great channel on YouTube:


Finished Cibele, walking simulator based on developer’s own story and played by her in shortcuts. It’s about 19-year old girl chatting with guy during MMO and seducing him with her almost nude photos.
It woke up a lot of memories of my friends, thx gods I was too lazy for such things. Had a good laugh.


After 45 hours I finished Legends of Eisenwald.

It’s a turn-based strategy game where you have not an army but party members with their own inventory - but I wouldn’t call it RPG. The battle gameplay reminds me a lot about Disciples games. I loved the fact that the setting is not fantasy nowhere land but medieval Europe. Magic is marginal, and creators wanted to make the knights look as much natural as possible. The story is grim and when we have to choose sides in conflict, the choice is between evil and evil people.


I finished Doki Doki Literature Club!

I’m so much disturbed and trolled, I dont’ know what to say.


I just finished pixel art Kathy Rain. I thought it’s detective game with punk Nancy Drew. In the middle it suddenly shifted into supernatural and dark psychological stuff. There are even easter eggs like Twin Peaks stuffed owl. If you love explained ending, it’s not game for you - it’s a bit lovecraftian. I like it that way. But the best is Kathy’s hair! It looks like my older sister’s when she was in her teens :heart_eyes: During our trips to the old town my phone was always dead but these ultrapink spots were like a lighthouse.


Everything Finished! Actually “Everything” The Game, not my challenge. I was a dead pixel, host of dancing galaxies and I stuck as jelly bean between paving slabs - fortunately I already unlocked ability “transform” and changed into slice of pizza. Jumping from thing to thing I unlocked so many lectures of Alan Watts , that I became enlightened Buddha.