Summer Game Showcases 2023

While we didn’t get an E3 this year (possibly never again), we did get many showcases and directs that shared new and upcoming games to look forward to.

What game(s) are you most excited for? Which publishers do you feel dropped the ball? How many of you took off work to watch the presentations live (and was it worth it)?

Which showcases did you watch?

  • Guerilla Collective Online Showcase
  • Summer Game Fest
  • Devolver Digital
  • Wholesome Direct
  • Future Games Show
  • Xbox Games Showcase & Starfield Direct
  • PC Gaming Show
  • Ubisoft Forward
  • Capcom Showcase
  • Nintendo Direct
  • Playstation Showcase

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I liked the Nintendo Direct; I watched as soon as I came home that day

It will be nice to see a new 2D Mario; especially one with two [playable] Princesses…this is unprecedented!


I just check a game news site or two most days, so I never bother with watching these showcases. I think the only new game announcement that really caught my eye was Penny’s Big Breakaway, the funny-looking 3D platformer from the team that made Sonic Mania.


My favorite showcase always ends up being the Wholesome Direct. I love the variety of different indie games and their focus on supporting community and charity. But nearly every showcase had games I’m excited to see more of.

I think I’m most excited for FFVII: Rebirth and Star Ocean: the Second Story R. These titles were childhood favorites and the fact they’re remaining relevant decades later makes me happy. :slight_smile:


I watched a few of these but I’m not sure which one I preferred. Ubisoft annoyed me because they don’t seem to understand how to pace their showcases. I guess Microsoft had the best one. Nintendo had some great reveals.

General question, who misses E3? I suppose this is similar since it happens in a general timeframe, but there was something special about E3. I used to plan my workdays around it, take a couple days off. I didn’t do that for here. I used to consider E3 the Wrestlemania of video games.


I don’t miss E3 necessarily because the showcases shown now still have a similar presentation, just a bit more streamlined. I do enjoy the live crowd reactions so those I miss a bit. It was fun seeing the crowd lose their minds over an unexpected announcement or the absolute silence when they weren’t impressed, haha.


I do not miss E3 as much. Because we can always watch the greatest presentations on youtube. An example of which is the famous Killzone 2 reveal which I havec linked in this post.

The time when people still believed trailers where real gameplay. We were so innocent back then. :sob:

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