Suggestion: Wish List release notifications

So, I am an idiot.

Now that this has been established, I shall explain: don’t ask me how or why, but I keep forgetting what game announcements catch my attention like within two days of watching them, something that is very frustrating because then I don’t even remember them by the time they came out until I see people playing and it’s like “oh, wait, did I want to get this one?”. Since I have Grouvee I’ve started putting games on my wish list as a reminder, but, since I’m an idiot (see above) I somehow still forgot I put them there.

So, as an idea for a possible new feature; since Grouvee already grabs the daily releases, could we have some kind of “hey, this game in your wishlist was released today, go give it moneys!” notification so we can be reminded once the time comes?

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