[Suggestion] Suggest "similar games", add "latest releases" link in header

  1. Would be cool to have some automated suggestion system, like IMDB does for movies. There are 2 kinds that come to mind:
    a) you open some game’s description and get a list of similar games (based on what other people like)
    b) you open your “played” shelf and get recommendation based on all of your played games that you rated well
  2. I like the “new releases” sidebar, but right now it’s only 6 games. It would be cool to have a “new releases” link in “Games” header dropdown, that would open a long list of new releases.

I’d love to be able to give good recommendations. I’m not smart enough to do it programmatically, however some kind of user generated system has been something I’ve been kicking around.

I like the idea of a full new releases page.

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My guess would be that auto-recommendations are build by selecting multiple users who liked some game\movie and then finding their common favorite games. (Like common friends on facebook, but with games) Ofc I understand that it will most likely not be simple to implement.
User made recommendations will take more time to get populated, but it’s more trustworthy and easier to implement. They work mostly like usual reviews (with link to other game), but also are sorted by amount recommendations and are grouped by title (see “Read recommendations by 41 more users” link here for example Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha (Darker than Black) - Recommendations - MyAnimeList.net).

If you do full releses page, please let us filer it by platform (like in other lists).
Thanks. I’m a web developer myself, but most of my time I work with front-end.

Also, we could show new releases in a scrolling line like like here (try mouse wheel):
I’m not sure if everyone would like this though.

Would be awesome to be able to check all the new releases instead of only 6, also the user recommendations sounds interesting. The only thing that I do not like is the scrolling line but this is obviously a personal opinion. If it is placed somewhere at the top of the site it will probably make it harder for some people to pay attention to the forum, users buttons and so on. I can only see it looking good just like that link you provided there, Trost, if you are set on gold membership since it has the black layout. Black always works with box arts but white makes it a bit I don’t know… I’m talking strictly about the positioning on the top here.

It could work if there is any way of making them smaller but still appealing. If making small doesn’t fix the issue then something like a live interaction where you put the mouse on and the box art comes out should maybe do the trick.

Here is another example of scrolling thumbnails with new\popular titles.

To be honest I expected this part of my request to be controversial and I won’t be upset if it gets refused.
And I don’t expect it to be everywhere. Only on grouvee.com homepage.

I’d really love if recommendations were ever implemented. There already are sources to find recommendations based on your ratings and what other people with similar ratings liked for movies (IMDB), books (Goodreads) and music (last.fm, Spotify) and I’d be really brilliant if this site could provide that game-wise.