[Suggestion] Show game name after "this status"

I see those “Mr.X commented on this status” on the main page and it’s confusing.
It would be cool, if it included the name of the game: "Mr.X commented on this status (Game Name)"
This would provided needed context, and eliminate a need to open a new tab just to get what game they’re talking about.
It would be even cooler, if hovering over “this status” would show a tooltip with the original post. I know JS\CSS, and can help you this if you don’t mind the extra server load the AJAX request might cause.


yeah this is something i’ve often thought of as well. it seems proper etiquette might be to mention name of game in posts (that’s what i do anyway, and often try to use bold format so its real easy to see i’m talking about Half-Life 3)

Another thing is status comments arent direct comments on a game and thus dont show up on the game pages under comments. perhaps tying both those together in some way be prefixing or somehow attaching the title to any kind of commentary-like activity might be doable… (it would be beneficial for searching)

This way we can have discussions freely about a game in the footnote of someone elses review, or status and go back to it later ourselves if we want to see what we said. The activity log bit is seperate issue but could be designed around what @Trost mention