Suggestion: "primary" releases

In the new shelf view, there isn’t a way to see releases that have been marked. Part of the challenge is that a user can have many releases shelved for one game, which makes it messy to figure out what to show.

Would it make sense to allow users to specify a “primary” release (in concept, this would be the one with the most playtime, but people could use it however they want)? This way, it would be easier to show the right release name or art on shelves, and it would be possible to mark the user’s “primary” release in reviews. Or is there maybe a better name for it?

Side note: another alternative to this is flattening out the releases into separate game entries, but I think that would be a mildly sad, because the grouping of releases into a single game allows for shared organization of things like ratings, reviews, and so forth.

Does anyone else have thoughts about this?

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