[Suggestion] Kindred Spirits

Add a feature where we can find other users with similar:

  • played games

  • now playing games

  • rated games

Kinda like what gamefaqs did:



This seems something that would make the site much more fun to use overal and was in my mind as well. I think we did discuss about this to be added eventually. It should be something planned next to many other suggestions.

I am sure someone else from the staff that has the possibility to play with the site’s coding will enlighten you if he/she will see this. :purple_heart:

It’s definitely an interesting idea. I’d probably have to implement more privacy features on here before I did something like that. I’d definitely want to give people the option to opt out of something like this. Hell, I still need to implement private profiles for people who just want to use the site for game tracking and not let anyone else see their shelves.