[Suggestion] Combine activities in main page

It would be cool if in the main page multiple and consecutive actions by the same user were grouped. This often happens a lot when a new user joins the site and starts to add reviews to a lot of games she played in the past. For example:

I think maybe collapsing all those updates into one message that said “Player2 reviewed 7 games” or something like that would be nice.


Personally I like how it currently is because it’s allowed me to find some games I’ve not heard of and if I just saw “so and so reviewed 7 games” or “so and so added 5 games to their shelf” I’m not going to go through the effort to click through and see that, but if this suggestion gets implemented as an optional feature that we can toggle, I would definitely love to see it. Would be cool if we could get a few tweakable options to add to that, so we can choose what gets grouped and what doesn’t.

To add to that; it would also be cool if we could set it so that our own activities are shown either public, to friends of friends, friends only or private.

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hmm, a lot of the things i see are actually comments and threads running on other user’s activities. not sure how this would work with comments. But i like the overall idea of condensing things, and yeah when users join site or spam post you will see that kind of thing. i think its a good idea worth thinking about if site grows more. lately people are also writing more reviews it would seem than a while back. so the nature of what activities users are doing could dictate presentation, too. (but maybe i’m just imagining that about more reviews)

I share kingstonTheWise’s concern but i do think it could work for a users personal page for example, but it might not be better. A condensed box, a roll down/mouse over, then a final click to ‘break it up’ if its say a very large chunk and you want to pick through it all or turn it off to see thumbs the idea would be better suited for other things than mass shelving though.

Another twist would be if several users/friends decide to perform an action that is related, such as comment on a review or all add a new game to their playing shelf. (that also sounds contextual and tricky.) that could potentially look nice on the main page.