Suggestion: Add screenshots and/or trailers on game page

Hey. been using this site off an on for awhile and I really like it in comparison to alot of other similar sites. The only thing missing is the screenshots/trailers. It would be great if these were added, especially since alot of the time when I use the site, im exploring new games and i’ll often have to manually search a game that looks interesting to see what it looks like before I decide to add it to my wishlist.


That could be useful.

It’s a great idea in theory, but in practice it may be difficult. Grouvee uses the Giant Bomb API, thus pulling data from there to automatically create database entries here (with a bit of manual database entry to fill the gaps). As a result, screenshots and trailers present a bit of a labour problem, in that it would take quite a bit of time to manually attach such things to each game entry. The second issue with trailers is hosting. If Grouvee relies on sites like YouTube, trailers may eventually disappear as the copyright owners of the games can remove videos from YouTube at a later date. @Peter, the founder of Grouvee, may have features like this planned in his site update bucket list, but I can’t speak for him directly.

In short, I think it’s a great idea, and it may happen as Grouvee evolves, but the timeline at present is probably a little fuzzy.

I like the idea. It’d have to be curated somehow, but user uploads of screenshots and videos wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’ll add it to my list to look at.

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I definitely like the idea of screenshots. I try to post screenshots for most games, so I’m onboard for screenshots. I do like the idea of videos also. It would be great to see a game trailer for each game in the database. It’s merely the logistics of actually putting that together which seems, at the least, a little difficult.

User uploads might be good and maybe have mods (are they called curators?) approve/disapprove by quality. or another idea, if you check this site out, you’ll see where the big V arrow is beside the game title, it drops down to show the wiki, and screenshots. If I’m not mistaken it seems to pull it straight from giant bomb, steam, etc.

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I kind of forgot that Giant Bomb lets you access their user uploaded screen shots and box art through their API. I’ll have to look at how we could use that too.

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