Steam sync issues

Hi there,

I haven´t noticed this until last weekend, but my steam library stopped updating, i’m missing 100+ games so it do not update for some months now.

I already updated my settings last weekend but nothing changes.

Any idea of what might be the issue here?

Thanks in advance

A little while back Steam added new settings to make profiles private and made that setting default. You have to make your profile public in order for Grouvee to import your games.

Go to your profile, click ‘edit profile’, go to ‘My Privacy Settings’, and set ‘My Profile’ to public.

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This fixed the issue :slight_smile: thanks

I’ve been having this issue for a while too–at first it just seemed to be with free games, but I don’t think Grouvee’s automatically added any new Steam games to my backlog at all recently, even when I buy them. I just checked and my profile is still set to public.

This might be one for @peter, but I’ll give it a go…

The games you’ve bought might not be on Grouvee yet, and if they are, not linked to a steam ID. In some cases, I’ve found even when a game is on Grouvee, and linked to a steam ID, that for some reason it still doesn’t add. No idea why.

I’m not sure if everyone has access to this page, but you can see if your games are showing up here, waiting to be linked -

Do you mind giving me an example of a game that isn’t coming through? I don’t see any errors in the logs, and Steam makes it really hard for me to see what games you’ve bought recently. I can see how many games you’ve got, and can sort by name and all that. It looks like the number isn’t too far off what you’ve got on Grouvee, so hopefully it’s just what @Jess said and we need to get the games in the database.

Well, the last several times I’ve bought new games, redeemed keys from bundles, or downloaded free games, I’ve manually added them to my Grouvee account (if the games in question were already on Grouvee, which nearly all of them have been) after waiting a day or so to see if they’d show up automatically. So at this point the numbers probably are right because I want to keep my catalog accurate.