Steam Scraping and Additional VR Platforms?

So I noticed today that Oculus Quest was a Platform in grouvee. Not sure when that happened. But I also noticed there are not any other platforms for other VR devices. So my question is, where is that data being scraped from (Did GB do this for some reason?) and if it might be possible to scrape steam now to actually have a few more ‘Platforms’:
Valve Index
Oculus Rift
(and maybe even) PSVR
I’m not sure how hard this is or if this is technically feasible or anything, (I know nothing about coding lol) but I thought i’d mention it with the hopes it is something that could be done partly because launchbox just had an update that is quite nice because it actually does scrape from steam now (and as I understand it there was some hangup about doing it until like a month ago, so something must have changed)

I can get by just fine with a VR tag/shelf, for such titles on the ‘PC’ platform but I think doing this would make sense and would be an improvement to actually track what such titles are released for or what a user might wish to ‘associate’ them with.

Another reason this would be a nice improvement is because some of these games have PC ‘ports’ (hilarious i know) that are notably different and worthy of distinguishing (examples are Thumper, Superhot)

This is most likely GB. To be honest I don’t think these should be listed as platforms. They require a separate platform to run for the most part.

It came up some time ago, and i think the way it is now it’s the best.
Quest it’s a standalone device, with its own software. The fact that you can connect it to a pc it’s optional.

Everything else listed is dependent on another platform (PC, PS4), as they are peripherals, same as a wheel, mouse etc.

Also on the games: Superhot and Superhot VR are two separate games (and as such, two separate entries on Grouvee). Thumper has a VR mode, so there’s only one version of the game running 2d or VR depending on what your hardware support; as such, one entry is good. Other examples: Tetris Effect, Dirt Rally, Project Cars and so on.


That view is valid. I mean, they are PC games. And yeahm Thumper and many of the others you mention have a mode… So it doesn’t make sense to create a platform for it. I can see how it would be a problem to do what I suggest… Having such games on multiple platforms will lead to the kind of ‘overlap’ problem we see in other spots (so I guess that’s not actually an improvement.)

My rationale is to make it easier to track things, and while some of these games are ‘headset-optional’ games some of these games are ‘headset-required’ PC games. And we will probably see more of them as such. I guess it’s erroneous for me to think of them as a separate platform and I suppose continuing to have them on user custom shelves is the best way.