Steam Sale Summer 2015

Has anyone gotten anything awesome so far?

I just picked up Grim Fandango Remastered + the soundtrack for $9.99. I also bought Life is strange at full price because I’m a dummy that has no patience and it sounds awesome.

I’ve just picked up a few random things so far. I grabbed Metro Redux for 80% off or something like that.


CS GO 50% £5.99
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 75% £5.09
Alan Wake 80% £4.59


I picked up Life Is Strange as a pre-order and still haven’t played it. :laughing:

Anyway, been sickly for most of this sale so far, but starting to feel a bit better. Haven’t picked much up either! I did get Lego Jurassic, but I guess that doesn’t really count since it was a new release and not part of the summer sale.

I got Grim Fandango too! And Transistor, because I was ashamed I hadn’t played it yet…

I’ll have to load up my Grim Fandango save game and soldier on. I got stuck somewhere, maybe one of you guys can help me!
EDIT: I’ve got the GOG Remastered version, it looks absolutely beautiful (and the mouse point-n-click controls are a must). I think I grabbed it on release. I’m up to the bit where there’s these skellingtons complaining about the workers union or something and I’m trying to get this boat to take me to somewhere. That’s where I got stuck, but maybe I’ll have a play see how stuck I am or if I just fell asleep and forgot about it.