Steam Importing Games not owned

Hey, hopefully I’m putting this in the right place

I’m running into some trouble when importing from steam. Normally I family share with my 2 siblings, and changed my steam import link to one of those profiles because it’s easier than asking every time a new game was bought.

Since grouvee automatically imports from steam it’s great, however, I sorted through each game and I’m left with some games that get imported that no one owns. Normally I just shove games into shelves

  • ([sibling 1] family sharing)
  • ([sibling 2] family sharing)
  • (Hidden steam games idc abt)

But obviously games that no one owns but are imported don’t fit into either of these and everytime i get rid of them they just keep getting imported the next time.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hmm. Are they games you had a on a free weekend ever? I probably need to get some kind of ignore steam import thing built.

I asked my sibling and he says he played a few of them somehow (but has no idea how) & some others he doesn’t recognize at all. Steam doesn’t list any of these in our libraries so I’m not really inclined to keep them as I have no access to them. It’s about 15 games total in my steam import shelf

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