Steam Import Problem

Hi Peter,

I’ve created the “Primal Carnage: Extinction” wiki page on Giant Bomb myself. I made sure the box art was vertical.

I do not know where you linked the older metadata from. It has a horizontal box art, so out of place.

Since my wiki page’s creation, Darkadia and KTOMG recognized it and changed the box art into mine.

However, Grouvee still identified 2 wiki page entries. I removed the old entry and chose my entry yesterday. Unfortunately, the Steam import function that you helped me establish added the old entry back today.

Could you please investigate?

Well, the original one that was on the site was manually entered by us here on Grouvee. I can tell by looking at it that it was created by an auto-grab utility we have here to grab the box art and release date from Steam. Anytime you see horizontal box art like that, it came from Steam.

As for why it still links the original one? The way the Steam mapping works here on Grouvee is we have a crowdsourced mapping of appids on Steam to Grouvee game ID. The Primal Carnage: Extinction game got mapped to the old Grouvee game, and it’s going to import unless someone changes the mapping. I’ll go in and do it on this one, but hopefully once my slow ass gets done building the merge game tool, stuff like that will get fixed a lot quicker!

Hats off to you. I should do no nothing. Just wait.

I am sorry to bug you but the auto added Primal Carnage is still in my collection…

Did you take it out of your collection and it reimported it? The Steam Import function won’t take anything out of your collection, it will just bring in anything new it sees in your Steam library. As far as the import function is concerned, that bad Extinction game is just another game in your collection.

I deleted horizontal box art PC:E, added vertical box art PC:E. Then you got it: System auto-imported horizontal box art PC:E again.

I’m going to delete it a second time and see how it goes.

Alright. Well let me know if it imports it again. It shouldn’t based on what I have in the database now, but I’m known to screw things up from time to time :smile:

It hasn’t re-imported. Case is closed. My thanks!

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