Steam import help page: 504 Gateway Time-out

This has been going on for months for me, I assume there are so many games on my backlog which need to be matched up in the database on the import_help page, that Grouvee times out before it can load them all. So I’m just totally stuck here, I can’t chip away at this backlog since I can’t get to it in the first place. Please help. Thanks.

I will look at this tomorrow. It should be really fast honestly. I’ll see what’s messed up.

Give it another try. I changed it to where only 100 games show up per page on the list. I got your 1300 games to show up for me, but it took a really long time, so I can easily see it timing out. It should work now. Let me know!

Yep, works well now that it’s paginated. Thanks.