Steam Import Data Not Updated After Initial Import?

Hello. I’ve been having some issues with the Steam Import feature. While I was able to conduct the initial import just fine, with all games and playthrough data being put into the Steam shelf, the data has not been updated since. No new additions to my Steam Library nor playthrough information have been updated since the initial import, despite Steam data supposedly being imported once per day.

What can I do to fix this issue and ensure that my Steam data is regularly imported?

I’ll look at this when I get home from work. As far as I can tell the nightly import has been working because I see all the emails go out. Could be a privacy setting or something. I’ll let you know.

I just checked, and despite having almost all email notifications turned on, I haven’t been receiving Grouvee emails. I used to get emails whenever I got a comment, but that seems to have stopped at some point.

Well, I see a couple of emails that bounced going to you because apparently the email provider I was using on the main site has some IP addresses that have bad reputations. I do however see several that should have gotten through to you. I switched my email provider to someone else who hopefully has a better IP range and they’ll get through.

Check your spam emails to see if anything is going there.

I looked through your shelves and the import stuff, and if you have a game on your shelves (excluding the wish list shelf), Grouvee won’t automatically add the game to your Steam shelf. I probably need to make this a setting, but I had a lot of people complaining about putting games on their Steam shelves automatically when they didn’t want them there. I don’t really get the logic honestly, but that’s what a lot of people wanted.

So a game like Limbo won’t show up in your import because you had it on a Played shelf already. I just ran a test to make sure I’m not crazy, but Stardew Valley just correctly imported for you because you only had it on your Wish List shelf, and you must have just bought it today.

I hope this helps a little. I understand it might be a little confusing, so I’ll add it to my list of things to add to a help page, and settings page.

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I got the email notifications. So that issue is fixed; hopefully it stays that way.

So removing this game from my shelves will allow it to be added when Steam data is next imported? Should I also do this with games whose playthrough times won’t update (I think the problem here might be that I added some games to the Steam shelf manually at one point)?

That parts kind of broken right now. There’s a checkbox in the edit time form about Ignoring Steam upon import. It’s supposed to update your hours if the box is unchecked, but I just caught a bug in that today. I’ll fix it and roll it out in the next update.

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Hate to bump an old thread, but this seems to be acting up again. I got the new Attack on Titan game on Steam, but it hasn’t been added to my Steam shelf, despite me not manually putting it in any shelves other than the wishlist.

Bump it every time it breaks!

I’ve been looking at this for a couple of days actually. I haven’t figured it out yet. All the logs look like the Steam import is happening, but I don’t think it is. I’ll figure it out soon.

I’m running another import right now. Check your email and the import_help screen when you get it and see if it’s fixed. I think it should be now.

Yeah, I just got the import email. Thanks!

There is still something wrong with it right now.

Every night I have a script run on my server that goes through and updates anyone’s library who has a Steam URL entered on their profile. There are approximately 1,800 people who have one of those entered right now. I think that Steam is rate limiting my requests to the service because I can tell that some people are getting their libraries updated every day, but not everyone.

I can’t find any public information on the rate limit. I use the Steam Community Data XML API to get this list. I might have to change to their web API.

So I got Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures a few days ago, and it is being automatically added to my Backlog shelf, but not my Steam shelf. I’m also not getting any emails whenever this happens.

Well, I dug through the logs and found the issue. I had removed a field from the DB, and the Steam Import code was trying to use that field. After it added the game to your backlog, it hit an exception and didn’t finish adding it to your Steam shelf, or email you. It also messed up the ordering of your Backlog shelf. I’ve got that all fixed now.

However, going forward, since the game is on your shelf, it isn’t going to try and do anything with the game now. You’d have to remove it from your shelves, and the next time Grouvee runs an import (or you can trick it into running an update by deleting your Steam profile URL from your Grouvee profile, save it, then go back and add it back in and save it again), it’ll find it and add it to your Steam/Backlog shelf.

Removed it from my shelves, and it was imported properly. Thanks!