Steam games not importing

Great site btw.

I registered last Friday and set up most my shelves and added my Steam shelf and profile URL. However, nothing seems to of imported yet. I assumed it would be on a nightly cron job as I couldn’t see a button to manually import.

I need to get a post out there more publicly about this. Steam changed their privacy policies last week. By default now on Steam, your games are set to private or friends only. You have to go into your Steam Community page and change it to Public if you want Grouvee to be able to import your games. To do that, on the Steam website, click your avatar in the upper right corner, click the Edit Profile button on your page, click Privacy Settings, and change Game Details to Public.

If you want to force Grouvee to do a Steam import after that, go into your Steam settings tab on your Grouvee Profile (, delete your Steam Community URL, save it, then put it back in and save it.

Hope that helps!

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All sorted thanks.

I guess GDPR has the big companies running scared :slight_smile:

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Pretty much :slight_smile:

Personally, I prefer to not show my steam game library to public. It would be really great if you create grouvee steam user account, so we can add this account as a friend on steam. Grouvee will be able to access our game lists and our games will be still hidden from public. Win-win :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. You can always set your steam profile to private after the initial import. You’d only have to have it public for a few minutes.

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Slightly off topic but still somewhat related, if this should be its own thread, I apologize! Please make a new thread if needed.

I’ve been having this issue where Grouvee will add new Steam games to my Steam and Backlog shelves, but games I play don’t get their stats imported nor are they added to the Playing or Played shelves. Is it just me, or has anyone else been having this issue?

I don’t believe I’ve changed any settings on Steam or Grouvee that would cause this… Any insight would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Are all 4 boxes checked on this page?

Yessir! o7

(I used to have the ‘email when new games are imported’ unchecked, because I didn’t think it would affect whether the import still worked or not. I’ve had it checked for several days now, however.)

I just checked and apparently my steam games have stopped importing for 6 months. Not sure what to do…

Everything is checked as mentioned above.

I just looked at your profile on Steam. It appears to be set to private. Steam set everyone’s profiles to private a while ago. You’ll have to set it to public or we can’t import it. Let me know if that doesn’t fix it.

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I saw you made it public and I just ran a manual import for you. Looks like it added a bunch of stuff. Let me know if anything is off.

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Thank you so much. That was it!
I also really appreciate how fast you responded and helped me out. I’ve done the gold subscription in appreciation. Thanks so much @peter

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No problem! Thanks for the Gold! I really appreciate that.

Hi @peter
Same thing for me. I tried all tips (public view on steam, delete and add link to me steam profile) but it doesn"t work. Can you help me please ?

I see in the logs where it seems like it worked, and I see on your shelves that it looked like it worked. Was there something wrong with the import? Did you not get an email?

Thank you for your quick answer.
No, I didn’t get an email. The Steam import seems incomplete, since with Steam and Epic Games alone, I should have over 650 games. For example,the title “Aqua Kitty” is missing.
The weirdthing is that every day, the import seems to add only one game. As if the import always starts but always ends after adding just one game. You can see on it on the below screenshot.

I figured out the problem I think, and it’s kind of an odd one.

I’m guessing you created a shelf called Steam before setting up the Steam import? Because the way my import works is that it looks for a shelf that you have designated as the Steam shelf (you can edit this by clicking the edit button next to the My Shelves header on any of your shelf pages). If there is no Steam shelf, it attempts to create one with the name Steam. In your case, it was already there, and it was silently failing. I will get that part fixed going forward for other users! I changed your Steam shelf to the “real” Steam shelf if that makes any sense.

I also did a manual import for you. It doesn’t email you when I do that. So, if you go to the URL you can see the games that we don’t have a link for in our database. You can link games from there for us. Normally the email would tell you that.

Let me know how it looks now!

It’s perfect. Thank you very much. I just passed Gold to support your work.
I have more requests:

  • when automatically importing from Steam, is it possible to automatically assign a default shelf ?
  • is an android application planned? even in webapp?
  • Is it possible to know the number of records when applying a filter?
  • Is it possible to save pre-recorded filters?
  • Is it possible to have more filters ? Example, not ranked, not in the shelf “XX”, with a date finished >2, etc…
    Thanks again,
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Sorry to necromance an old thread. But I’m having an issue with steam imports. My steam profile is public & I’ve set up my steam ID. but no matter what I do none of my steam games import :T. Any help would be great!