Spoiler Text Feature

FYI, there is a spoiler text feature on this forum. I hope to get this editor moved over to Grouvee proper soon, but I figure this is where spoilers might be an issue.

This is what they look like:

This is a spoiler

This is how you do it:


Very nice! I like the blurred effect and the fact that you have to click on it. Very classy! :smiley:

Has anyone thought of a way to make spoiler tags work on a touch device where highlighting isn’t possible? I have this problem everyone on the internet that uses them…

This should work on touch devices. When I tap the fuzzy parts on my iPhone, it works just fine.

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Oh cool. Spoiler text doesn’t work on my iPad on so many other forums and sites.

Hi, 2014! I don’t think this spoiler option is possible in status updates yet, right? yes, no, maybe

Could it be placed in the formatting bar above posts, for both the forum and for the Grouvee statuses feed?

I think with the topic of games, like with movies and books, it’s a really important feature to have in order to facilitate comfortable, interesting discussions. People don’t want to visit pages for games they want to play if they think the story might be spoiled for them, and people who have played the game are reluctant to be speak openly if they’re worried about spoiling the game for other people. And that sucks, because the most interesting conversations about games, movies and books are those that delve into spoilers!

It’s not very well documented, but it’s there on the main site. You just have to do

and it will do exactly what it does on the forums. Adding it to the formatting bar is on the list to do!

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