Spoiler Text Feature

FYI, there is a spoiler text feature on this forum. I hope to get this editor moved over to Grouvee proper soon, but I figure this is where spoilers might be an issue.

This is what they look like:

This is a spoiler

This is how you do it:


Very nice! I like the blurred effect and the fact that you have to click on it. Very classy! :smiley:

Has anyone thought of a way to make spoiler tags work on a touch device where highlighting isn’t possible? I have this problem everyone on the internet that uses them…

This should work on touch devices. When I tap the fuzzy parts on my iPhone, it works just fine.

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Oh cool. Spoiler text doesn’t work on my iPad on so many other forums and sites.

Hi, 2014! I don’t think this spoiler option is possible in status updates yet, right? yes, no, maybe

Could it be placed in the formatting bar above posts, for both the forum and for the Grouvee statuses feed?

I think with the topic of games, like with movies and books, it’s a really important feature to have in order to facilitate comfortable, interesting discussions. People don’t want to visit pages for games they want to play if they think the story might be spoiled for them, and people who have played the game are reluctant to be speak openly if they’re worried about spoiling the game for other people. And that sucks, because the most interesting conversations about games, movies and books are those that delve into spoilers!

It’s not very well documented, but it’s there on the main site. You just have to do

and it will do exactly what it does on the forums. Adding it to the formatting bar is on the list to do!

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Hello @peter I am resurrecting a 6 (!) year old topic to raise an issue with the spoilers on the main website. I did not notice discussion on this elsewhere so making a notice here.

I have seen more and more users write posts in this format:

x y z (this is in clear text)

The underlying reason is that the <spoiler> tags only spoiler the current line. Due to the way text is reflowed, this is difficult to predict. It also precludes users from posting multi-line discussions of a game which involve spoilers.

I have noticed it also does not work in ordered/unordered lists (it does in the preview but not the final output).

I would ask you to consider as an enhancement if <spoiler> could please be made to work across either one or multiple lines. I appreciate this adds complexity to the parser, but it is a very desirable feature, as currently <spoiler> is seeing little use when it would be very appropriate.

With all that out of the way don’t think on this too much for now - have a lovely Christmas and make some time to enjoy a game or two. :slight_smile: Thank you for this wonderful platform.

That would be halpfil

Hmm, it should work on multiple lines. I just tested it on the main site, and it worked just fine. I see people do it pretty often. It needs to look something like this:

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Line 4

I will do some testing on the list stuff to see if that’s broken. I guess if you have an exact example, post it here and I will dig into it.

Thanks and have a lovely Christmas yourself!


I have an example here:

In the editing view, the spoiler tag is set on the entire paragraph.

But during viewing, it wraps only the first line:

This seems to do with the fact that HTML element has display:inline style

Having display:flex would fix the problem from what I can see.


This is odd because I can’t replicate this with a paragraph. Do you have a hard or soft return at the end of that line? I don’t have trouble using spoiler tags on the site for paragraphs, but I do admit I need to wrap each paragraph in tags manually. However I never have trouble with spoilers not covering the next line in a paragraph. I’m curious what the cause is here.

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I can confirm the display problem that Aleosha posted above happens on my end too.

See here for multiple paragraphs (Phoenix Wright spoilers, be warned):

@midoriya in those comments also experienced the same issue.

I also find this issue as Aleosha described it (where the next line is un-spoilered) when I am starting a spoiler partway through a paragraph. I am a Firefox user if that matters.

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Can either of you (either you or @Aleosha) post the text with the markdown formatting from the editor here using the pre-formatted text feature? If I wrap an entire paragraph, or even start the spoiler tag mid-paragraph, I can’t duplicate the behaviour above. The markdown might help identify the problem.

I agree that the spoiler tag seems to cancel out if surrounding an ordered or unordered list.

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That’s from the editor:

<spoiler>The fourth-wall-breaking moment, revealing the player as a supposedly blind, deaf, and immobile old man controlling the characters, adds a Saw-like twist to the narrative.</spoiler> 

And this is how it appears in the review:

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Thanks. When I test that exact string by copying what you provided and pasting it directly into the editor, I get this:

This is a weird issue if it’s consistently happening to you. Have you tried reposting it to see if you get the same result? And ca you share which browsers you use and if you’ve tried viewing the post in different browsers?

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I tried in Ungoogled Chromium (basically the same as Chrome) which I have installed on the side for sites which won’t behave, and it rendered correctly there.

I edited the link above (Ace Attorney spoilers) to spoiler the first paragraph through to the last. I formatted it as:

<spoiler>Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3</spoiler>

In Firefox again only the first line is blurred.
In Ungoogled Chromium, the first paragraph is blurred but not the other three.

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Each paragraph needs to be wrapped in a spoiler tag separately. I believe that’s how the html spoiler tag works as it won’t wrap multiple paragraphs. There is a way to hide multiple lines of text, or even lists, with the details and summary tags but I don’t believe it’s supported in markdown. If it did work it would look like this:

  <summary>click for spoilers</summary>

    <li>Example Text ...</li>
    <li>Example Text ...</li>

And this would be the result:

Some custom versions of markdown employ the following spoiler syntax:

>! Spoiler text

But I don’t think it’s universal because it’s not in the base version of markdown, and as a result it doesn’t appear to be supported in Grouvee’s markdown editor.

My suggestion is to wrap individual paragraphs in spoiler tags, which is what I do, until such time as @peter can investigate if there are any other options available in the editor. As for lists, and the problem @Aleosha mentioned, that will also need to be looked into.


I can confirm it works in Chrome.

The issue is with Firefox.