Sorting/dates filter wrong after 2013?


For weeks I’va been adding my gaming history, from the ancient times to today. I have arrived to 2013, and from this pagination on (List of video games, filtered by platform(s): PC, Page 318 | Grouvee) selection seems no longer filtered/ordered by date.

Any clue?

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I’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s going on here. First of all, I’m impressed you’ve dug through 318 straight pages of pc games!

Behind the scenes, the date field is kind of complicated. Each game has a date field in it that has a day, month, and year. That date field is used for sorting. There is also another field in the database that is more or less a checkbox field named exact. If that field is checked, then that means we know what day a game is released on, and we go ahead and display the date field on the game page. If that exact field isn’t checked, there are “fuzzy” fields for year, month, and quarter. If any of those are filled out, then they get displayed on the game page based on some different display logic.

Anyway, that’s a long winded story. That date field is mandatory in the Grouvee database, which is probably a mistake. If giant bomb has literally no date info whatsoever, I have to put something in the date field. My guess is that I did the initial import from giant bomb on January 31, 2013, because all of those games you’re seeing from page 318 to page 372 have that date in the date field. If you go to page 372, you’ll see it starts looking normal again. I think I should be able to fix this issue based on the fact all those games have the same date in the database. I should be able to just wipe those dates out and they’ll just sort to the end of the list where they should be probably.

Thanks for the heads up! Sorry about the wall of text.

So that was it! Good to know. I’ve jumped some pages then… closer to 400… still 7 years and several other platforms to go… !


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