Some misinformation

I’ve noticed some discrepancies on certain games and their platforms. For example, Breath of the Wild has xbox one listed as one it’s platforms and Into the breach is missing Switch for it’s platforms. Is the site not pulling data from the giantbomb api properly?

I guess you’d have to show me what you’re talking about because both of those games look fine to me.

Warframe is missing Switch as it’s platform

Is there a way to edit a comment? If yes, sorry, I didn’t find one.

I just wanted to ask why some games have separated remasters/remakes listet but others haven’t?

Example: Zelda Wind Waker and Twilight Princess have their own Remastered versions but Dark Souls or Shadow of the Colossus haven’t

Oh weird, it’s looking fine for me as well. I could have sworn I saw it but maybe I was wrong. Cheers anyway.

That would be because of Giantbomb has two separate entries for wind waker and twilight princess but not for dark souls and sotc. You could log on over there and add entries for the sotc remaster and dark souls remastered.

I just wanted to ask why some games have separated remasters/remakes listet but others haven’t?

Pete told me: “HD remasters don’t count as new games unless they add something significantly different.”

PS: I’ve added the Switch to Warframe.

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It’s a bit complicated by the fact that Grouvee pulls data from GiantBomb. Essentially, as @anachistica points out, if the game is significantly changed it’s considered more than a port and receives its own entry. So Windwaker was not only remastered for HD, Nintendo changed some of the mechanics because of the loss of the GB Advance connection and the presence of the Wii U gamepad. However there are plenty of games that break with this criteria. Shadow of the Colossus is treated as a port rather than a separate entry, even though it was re-built from the ground up and new controls were implemented. The Uncharted Collection, despite simply being ports, were packaged on a physical disk together, and thus received a separate entry. the issue we have is that these decisions are often made on the GiantBomb side and if someone decides to separate a port out into a disparate entry there, Grouvee automatically imports it. We try to maintain consistency and follow the distinction of port versus altered game, but there are a lot of titles and sometimes the GiantBomb entries throw us off in the curation of Grouvee.

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I get that but I still think that games like Shadow of the Colossus should get their own entry because they’re build from ground up and improved on a lot of the flaws of the original (like controls, camera)

I am of the camp that feels games shouldn’t receive a database entry for each release. The reason for this is because under each database entry is nestled the actual individual releases, and you can add those releases to your shelves just as you would the main entry for the game. I think it is much neater to organize every release under one database master entry than to have multiple discrete database entries. Here is an example based off of Shadow of the Colossus and its release page

Creating an entry for every platform a game was released for makes the platform the significant element of the database entry, where I think the game should be the primary subject of the entry and the platform merely element of data tagged to that game. Unless a game is a radically different game with the same name (Prey is a good example), I think it makes best sense to group every release under one title entry.


I guess I’ll just bump this thread instead of making a new one.
Something seems to have gone wrong with Batman Arkham Knights’s cover image. It isn’t showing up.

Looks fine to me. Maybe it was related to the maintenance?

Found another one. Nier Automata doesn’t have xbox one as one of its platforms. Not sure if this is just on my end again.

Just checked this one and it does have Xbox One listed. Maybe one of the other admins updated it today. I imagine this one didn’t have it because the Xbox One release was later. Regardless, it is listed now.

I fixed it yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I figured I would add to this thread instead of making a new thread yet

The genre tags can get ridiculous often (albeit not nearly as bad as a lot of websites!), for example under the Fighting genre, Suikoden V and The Sims Medievel stick out like soar thumbs.

I feel like when you’re browsing either genres you’re really dedicated to, or especially genres you’re trying to find obscure entries of or new games you haven’t played in that genre, it can be kind of annoying. I mean, for example seeing The Sims Medieval showing up as a “Fighting” game when I’m trying to build a database of important fighting games to play, it’s downright irritating to see The Sims there lmao

Also small aside before I forget, if you try to see games under the “Horror” tag by using the search feature, it says no entries show up. If you search a horror game and click on the tag, 7 pages show up though

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Genres are hard to get right in the first place and Giant Bomb doesn’t seem particularly concerned with getting them “right” too. I’ve fixed these and have fixed a bunch in the past. I’ve also asked Peter to add more genres, but he already added more a week ago so he may have to warm to the idea. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think its worth pointing out that…
Sonic 1/2 on GameGear & Genesis are completely different games
Same for TMNT (2007) on GBA & PS2

I removed GBA from TMNT because as far as I can find, it was never released for GBA. GiantBomb has GBA listed for some reason, which is why it was there.

Regarding Sonic 1 & 2, the Game Gear versions are considered ports of the Genesis version which is why both consoles are listed there. Ports are generally not listed separately from the main entry, and are listed as releases.

The Release date for A Plague Tale: Innocence (14th May 2019) and Death Stranding (8th November 2019) have not been updated yet.