Some Cool Indie Games From TooManyGames 2016

Hey everyone. I attended TooManyGames this weekend, and I found a few interesting indie games being shown off there that I wanted to share/list for future reference. Be sure to check out some of these games if you’re interested!

Outer Colony: A RTS by Voyager Games, Outer Colony uses a unique AI system. Rather than following preset commands, the various people in your colonies each have their own qualities that determine their goals. The AI was designed to make the people seem more like humans and less like game pieces. I’m a big fan of unique uses of AI in games, so this caught my interest.

Fisticuffs: Fisticuffs is a fighting game that makes heavy use of ragdoll physics. Players control each fist with a corresponding joystick while using buttons to move, jump, and kick. Props can also be picked up and thrown. The game currently uses placeholder models, with the developer telling me that he plans to have actual characters in the final game.

Use Your Words!: Developed by internet musician/comedian Brentalfloss, Use Your Words! is a party game similar to card games like Cards Against Humanity, with a main selling point being that players input their own answers rather than choosing predetermined answers. The game, played with any web-enabled device, contains for separate modes, each making use of enjoyable UI and sounds.

yyrGames: yyrGames had multiple games on display, including Multitasking, a game that requires the player to keep track of 4 game windows at once, and Snake360, an interesting multiplayer take on the classic arcade game.

These were all really interesting games, and I look forward to seeing how they develop in the future.