Skyrim Game, Mods, Playthroughs

I’ve wanted to make this thread but now i can do it because someone asked me about mod reccomendations :slight_smile:

Also, I post the mods i have played in my review for Skyrim. and I update it as I go. Most of them are minor tweaks and stuff most people wouldnt really want to mess with (and maybe shouldnt). But it’s nice to have fresh stuff for each character i play as… This time I’ve added a few things for a second playthrough of a Vampire, pirate ,sneak, archery, etc (better vampires, royal bloodline, hunterborn, sneak tools, bathing in skyrim just to name a few)

Currently I’m really enjoying pirates of skyrim northern cardinal under the black flag. there is a good review of it on youtube within this page

its a general all nicely done and well rounded mod with a lot of content really. and it reminds me of pirates of dunbarrow cove Thieves Den DLC for oblivion (it makes you wonder why bethesda didnt do it themselves!)

These look really cool but i havent done them yet. I might just do a third playthrough with these new lands in mind (maybe as a magic user)

Here is the link to wyrmstooth, i’ll post cause its kind of hard to find:

I’ve always found that the most downloaded mods on nexus in the top 100 list are always worth a look at, and makes it easy to find things but geez reddit is very good at finding things. and providing things like curated lists of stuff to play.

Again, haven’t played the new lands yet. anyone else has? let me know if they are as good as they look!