Should expansions packs have their own entries?

So, I was going trough my shelves recently, cheking if there was any game I forgot to add, when I came across this little entry:

TWD: 400 days is a special DLC episode made up of 5 minisodes, so my question would be: Is this technically an expansion pack? I mean, from my POV this is the closest thing to an actually expansion a point-n-click game can get.

But that isn’t the only thing that’s haunting my immortal soul.

So, personally, I only add base game+expansions to my shelves (if the expansion has an entry, that is). Stuff like Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, Morrowind’s Expansions etc etc and I though this site had a similar mantra since there were so many expansions with their own entries. BUT I found out that there are some very important exceptions: Skyrim and The Witcher 3 have their expansions under DLC and not as a seperated entry.

So my final question is: Why do I care so much about this? Do I have to much free time? I had trouble sleeping yesterday bc I was thinking about this. Why?

TL;DR: When does a DLC turn into an expansion and should they get their own entries?


These are all great questions, and I think about them all the time. Before we started getting the DLC data from Giant Bomb, we just said no DLC got an entry unless it was completely stand alone. That was theoretically Giant Bomb’s stance too, but there were definitely things that slipped through because something was a big DLC or just no one pays that much attention over there. Frozen Throne isn’t standalone, so it really shouldn’t have a separate entry. Their DLC data is woefully incomplete and inconsistent. I just checked GTA IV, and they don’t have any of that under the main game either. This is why I’ve stsrted building my own database, and we’re going have rules damn it! This kind of stuff drives me nuts.


Thanks for answering, I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets obsessed over this type of stuff. I love this site and how you handle it so I’m gonna trust your judgment on what should and shouldn’t have an entry.
I think it’d be interesting to just have each game DLC on the same page as the main game, maybe like a checklist. Just crossout the ones you have or played, maybe even write a little review, that would look neat.