Shooters on PS4

So, I finally have a PS4 and I was wondering what are some good shooters BUT…

Shooters I can play while I’m offline. Completely offline I mean, also so that I don’t need to download something first before I can play the game as I’m only interested in single player campaigns anyway. And NO open world type games because I just can’t get into these open world games. So shooters like Wolfenstein and Bulletstorm for example, preferably something new that hasn’t been on the PS3 already…

Any suggestions?

Most games are going to have day 1 patches you’ll need to download to play a non bug-infested version of the game. That’s unfortunately just the nature of the beast.

Doom is great. And the main story campaign in Titanfall 2 is a whole lot of fun.

I second that. The campaign on Titanfall 2 is surprisingly good.

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I third this, Titanfall 2’s campaign is stellar. I also agree with Doom and would also highly recommend Superhot, it’s short but has a lot of replayablility plus challenges and endless modes with a lot of interesting mechanics.

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Damn, that’s going to be tough with the current state of gaming. As many have said before, Doom (2016) and Titanfall 2 are going to be some solid bets here. I’ll throw in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus since you seem to be a fan of the first game. Killzone: Shadow Fall had a good campaign and could be had for the cheap. If you don’t mind the quirk then I can say that Tower of Guns, Immortal Redneck, and Mothergunship are loads of fun.