Separated ratings


As the tittle says, I think it would be awesome if there were 2 types of ratings:
1- Gameplay rating
2- Story rating

So you can separate games with outstanding story but awful gameplay (the gameplay rating for example is what counts, the story rating could be set in sort list, as sort by platform)

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by History rating? What do you mean by an “outstanding history”? A game that was great at the time but has aged poorly?

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Ohh!!! So, so sorry!!!

I meant “story”!!!

So if the story mode was very good (a good story like in a movie) but the gameplay is average for example, to have to ability to separate those 2 ratings.

So sorry for my bad explanation, I had to hurry up to leave home and I wrote fast. Sorry about that.


It’s an interesting idea, but I guess the question is why you consider those two separate elements in your experience of a game. I find they inform each other, you can’t really consider one without the other. Especially in an interactive media where gameplay and mechanics have a bearing on how story is told and experienced.

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Yes, that’s true. However, I think it could be separate for one simple reason:

If you complete the game, you beat the story, so the story rating would be much more irrelevant to you compared to gameplay rating. That’s because you completed the story so you will just want to play the game for fun.

For example: In Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, I could give the story 4 stars, but the gameplay for me is 5 stars. So when I complete the story, I would just take in count “gameplay” rating. To compare it against other games I can play infinitely as FIFA or Crash Nitro Fueled, between much others. So the gameplay is what counts after complete the story, and story rating is kept if you want to play again the story mode and you want to compare it with God of War or Dante’s Inferno for example.