Search bar problem

There’s this game called 7th Sector

If you start typing its title in the search bar, you’re good until the second word:

The problem appears when you start typing in the second word:

But when you type in the full title, the game is back to the list of suggestions:

Something’s wrong here.


I’m looking at this one right now, and I’m pretty confused at to why it’s happening. It only happens with “th” words. So 7th Sector, or 13th Puzzle Killer. I’m sure it has something to do with stemming in the search engine. I’ll figure it out.

It works if you don’t finish the word ‘7th’:

I have no idea how this works, just some more food for your thought.

By the way, the same thing happens with ‘2nd’, ‘3rd’, etc.

Makes sense. I’m sure my search engine is doing some kind of stemming on all of those type of “words.” I’ve looked at it a couple of times to see if there’s something I can do. I’m almost to the point that I should just ditch the search engine and just use database queries to find game names. The search engine is probably overkill at this point.

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