Screenshots of the new profile pages

What does everyone think of this look?


Looks good! Is the black bar editable? Like, the formatting for the black bar where your name, picture and description are?

It is nice that you have a reviews tab, that way I can get rid of my ‘reviewed’ shelf.
Not much to improve on. I think maybe Status Updates should be at the top of the list. Other than that thumbs up! I’m glad to see this place is looking better everyday.

I like it!

A link to display all the cool badges you’ve earned would be awesome, since we’re planning to do stuff with that.

Looks dope. Well done.

Very clean and looks easy to navigate, good job. Not 100% sure about the color palette, but I tend to be a bit fussy with those things. :>

I was going for the Grouvee yellow, black, and gray. I’m not great with design honestly, so if you’ve got other suggestions, I’d love to hear.

Piiiiiink :grinning:

It honestly makes me think of Fandango’s website a bit. Not that that’s a bad thing. As has already been said, looks clean, clear, professional.

Starting to look good.
I’d probably work a bit on the alignment to make things a little more tight.

Happy to help out and do a couple of revs if you need a hand (I’m a UX designer)

I would love you forever if you helped out! I sent you a PM.

Here’s a screen of the new front page. Nothing too drastic, but I think it’s a lot cleaner looking.

Here’s a screen of the new reviews editor. This I’m very happy with. It’ll let you upload images, add spoilers, and will autosave every so often so you don’t lose your progress writing a review.

What do you guys think?

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The autosave function’s fantastic, so long as it doesn’t post until you intend it to be posted. I know I’ve lost a few reviews to Oopsclick.

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Glad for the autosave as well. I didn’t even think about uploading images. Woo! Can you spoiler images?!?!

the huge dark bar is a little strong. ditto for the thick grey catergories. maybe slim them all down a little bit? they look unnecessarily large for how small the text is. there’s no need to push the content out of the way so much. the best ui’s are ones that are accessible but not in the way.