Screenshots Anyone?

I’m wondering if there are others out there that take a ridiculous amount of screenshots when gaming?

If there are some, I thought it might be fun to have some way of sharing them here on Grouvee, be it just a forum thread or like a Saturday Screenshot thing where everyone posts their favourite from the week in their activity feed on the main site.

What do people think?


It’s a cool idea. You could change the title of this thread and people could post them here. I tend to take shots of most games I am playing. I post some on the main Grouvee page as part of reviews or status updates, but a number never leave my console galleries. I’d be down to post some here.


I take a “family vacation” level amount of screenshots. I always thought it’d be cool for Grouvee to have a gallery feature where I could upload all of them.

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I think the problem with a gallery is storage, but @Peter can correct me. I think there is limited space if the site were to assign out gallery storage to each user. At the very least it implies additional costs.


That makes sense. I don’t claim to know the first thing about website management, I just have so many screenshots that no one but me sees, lol. A little thread here would be just as good.

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Could always use Imgur or something similar to host them and then post links/ embeds here.

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I don’t think posting single images to the forum presents an issue. I only meant in terms of a personal gallery. I think the first operates within the current capacity of the site but the latter may involve additional storage. A few of us posting a picture a day or week is nothing compared to storage designed to accept hundreds and thousands of photos per person.

Essentially I don’t think there’s any issue with a thread devoted to images.


Would be interesting to hear @peter 's thoughts on this. I’d be happy with a thread myself.

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I think it’s a cool idea. It’d be even cooler if we could hook up to services that could just auto post them to your gallery. I don’t think it would really cost that much money to host people’s screenshots. Maybe it could be a gold only feature. Space on S3 on Amazon is cheap, and the CDN I use is also pretty cheap. It’d just be a matter of building an interface to do it.


Twitter and then and an IFTTT applet maybe.

Sounds really cool! Would totally love to see something like that.

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i try to take screenshots for every game i play just to have a record. It might be 1 screenshot or it might be a lot more. Usually I will post them in my reviews but sometimes the software I use doesn’t work and i dont wind up with any screenshots.

I like social/involvement ideas like this in our community and vote, ‘Yea’ on Screenshot Sunday.

Peter, that’s a great idea for a gold feature imo! That might be something to do that people would chip in to support.


The screenshot button on the Switch is great! I take a lot of pictures of neat things in Animal Crossing, and then think “I don’t want to be sharing every little thing”

Sometimes I take a pic if I can do something kind of cool. Like, here’s my catching them all in Pokemon Blue/Red, which I did earlier this year Various Insundry (Posts tagged Professor Oak Challenge)

It would be cool to have something like that !

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What @peter needs to build is an official direct from console to Grouvee pipeline for screenshots. He then needs to get Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft onboard so that they add it as a social media connection at the console level. This can be totally done and I think it’s a travesty that it hasn’t already happened people!


That would be amazing. It would be so much smoother than the wonderful process that is getting screenshots off of the Nintendo Switch!

The Switch is better now that it supports Android File Transfer. I also don’t mind the AR code method. It’s better than sending them to my Twitter account (looking at you Sony!). Microsoft has it figured out. All of my captures are available in the Xbox app on my phone, and from there I can save them or generally do anything I want with them. I largely like my PS5 a lot more than my Series S but there are a few software perks that MS has built into the Series X|S that really do put Sony to shame. This is one of them.

Sony shony.

The Xbox app takes aaaaages to load on my phone. But apart from that, it really is very easy to use.

Android or iOS? I find the Android one slower and I think it’s still technically in beta.

Android. I’d rather put up with a slow app than give Apple my money.

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