Roguelike OVERLOAD

I love me some good roguelikes, but the market’s gotten absolutely drenched in the suckers as of late. Lately I’ve been pouring my hours into The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, but I’ve got Desktop Dungeons, Nuclear Throne, and Tales of Maj’Eyal all lurking in the background. Anyone know of any recently released ultra-indie roguelikes that I might not be aware of and should give a try?

I didn’t know there were other games besides The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that exist.

Don’t worry Pete, you’ll beat Mom’s foot someday, and then you’ll totally be a winner and you’ll be able to stop playing!

How rogue-like do you want your rogue-like to be? :smile: If you’re willing to have a few other genres tossed in with it, I highly recommend checking out Dungeon of the Endless (here’s its Steam page, which it’s currently on sale for $9!).

It’s a…well, tower-defense-turn-based-dungeon-crawling-rogue-like? Those things shouldn’t all work together, but man, it really works, and works well.

Definitely check it out!

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I am all for abominable hybrids. Is this another game in that Endless space opera series? They seem to like taking their universe and throwing all kinds of random odds and ends at it. Either way, $9 won’t break the bank; I’ll give it a try come Turkey Day.

Oh I’ve beat the foot (assuming we’re talking about the first boss?) I’ve beat her heart a few times as well. Or do you go further down in the basement and fight her foot again? I suppose that would make sense in a weird way.

Mr. Corsaro, I hope you’re enjoying yourself, because you have got a long way to go ^^ I’d still like to see you do a run at some point!

Oh god, Pete, I’m so sorry. They’re already working on another Binding of Isaac expansion. We are doomed, I fear.

I should have expected that. Guess I better go back to the basement to prepare.

Not necessarily recent, but give FTL and Risk of Rain a go if you haven’t played those.

I’ve gotten several wins in FTL, but haven’t unlocked every ship, and forgot until recently that they released that big expansion… I really should get back to it, even if it is occasionally brutally unfair. As for RoR, that one regularly hands me my ass :stuck_out_tongue: I love it, but I don’t think I’m particularly good at it.

The only game I seem to have any luck with is RoR. Binding of Isaac and FTL always just laugh at my pathetic attempts for success. Sure I have a chance, but it is kind of the same chance a baby has fighting a heavyweight boxer.

If you are looking for more, these are what I been playing. Deep Dungeons of Doom, Dungeons of Dredmor, Rogue Legacy, Nightmare of Druaga. Not exactly all Indie, but they are all roguelikes in a way.

Dungeons of Dredmor… I liked that one for a few days simply due to the writing and style and absurdly catchy, bizarre music, but oh god that loses fun rapidly. I think my farthest run ever hit opponents that corrode your equipment with each hit. That mechanic was miserable enough to kill any interest in playing further. Never heard of DDoD or NoD though. Concepts in a nutshell?

Certainly buddy,

Deep Dungeons of Doom debuted on ios and android. It’s a pretty small game that is really meant for touch controls but somehow found its way ported to PC. I guess for tablet pcs?
You get three classes, crusader, witch and mercenary. Basically tank mage and assassin archetype. Each dungeon is composed of 10-20 floors. Each floor has 1 monster. As you battle, you have to learn the rhythm of attack and defend with each monster and it gets harder as you go along. Stats alter your fighting style, + dmg, agility reducing your cooldown, and 1/10 floors you get an item. Dying relinquishes you of all your golds and items, but you can invest them in skills which can be kept at the end of every mission.

Nightmare of Druaga is a PS2 game. It is based off one of the first roguelikes, Tower of Druaga (yes, that super old game) In Nightmare of Druaga you go through dungeons acquiring better armor and materials as you go deeper. Each dungeon has an end boss but if you choose to you can go down almost infinitely (like Disgaea item dungeons) Enemies move as you move. If you’ve ever played ZHP Unlosing Ranger (a Disgaea roguelike on psp) it has a lot in common with that. You’re constantly trying to upgrade your equipment and if you die you lose it all, unless you stashed your stuff away from other finished missions.

I kinda recommend ZHP as well, if you are into emulation or have a psp. ppsspp runs pretty well even on toaster pcs.

dungeon of the endless really was good and different. It’s got lots of replay, very immersive/atmospheric, and is quite enjoyable to play. All the elements are combined quite nicely. Highly reccomended.

I got really sucked into Sword of the Stars: The Pit, which is an odd sci-fi roguelike that is turn based, with pretty slick graphic style but pretty enjoyable to play as you get the rhythm down to it. I found myself really wanting to explore all the crafting and see how far I could go.

Darkest Dungeon looks cool and my friend has been playing it, bet that’s good. Need to check that out soon.

Is Cryptark any good? Looks great.

What about Delver? (I liked 3089)