Hello and good day,

I sort of wish it was easier to find back reviews. Like, a feature in the My Games page called My Reviews. I sometimes like reading back what others have commented and what I have written about a certain game. Could that be possible?

Are you talking about finding reviews that you have written? Or are you talking about reading reviews that others have written about a certain game?

If you want to find reviews you have written, you can just go to your profile page and click the reviews tab (yours is Mathijs's reviews on Grouvee) There you can see all the reviews you have written.

If you want to read reviews for certain games, you can just go to that game’s page and see all the reviews that have been written.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, just let me know!

I meant reviews I wrote. Heh, somehow I must have missed that reviews tab. Great, so all is good then. Thanks!