Restrictions when adding games?

Hi team and community,

I’m rather new to grouvee and even though it has some flaws, it’s still the best online collection tracker (that I’ve tried). But that’s not why I’m here…

I’ve found a thread where games can be added to the giantbomb (?) database:

… and I was wondering if there are any rules or restrictions.
(1) Like, do browser games count? Or freeware games (from single person developer)? And what about online games that had to shut down (and therefore can never be played anymore)?

(2) Also how long the review process takes. And what are rejection reasons?

(3) And finally… I have set of games (I played in my childhood) which I couldn’t find in the current database, but can still be found on the official website of the developer. The games really exist and people are still playing it (according to recent reviews). They are all connected, but because it’s a developer and a franchise which are NOT in the database, I can’t connect them. Wouldn’t it make sense to also be able to create entry for developer/franchise?
Or is it a restriction that no-name games are added to the database?

Jomi :thinking:

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There aren’t really any rules written down anywhere. I keep saying I’m going to do that. I contact people that are adding a lot of games sometimes to talk about it.

Browser games definitely count. There’s actually a Browser platform option. Freeware is fine too. If it’s an electronic game that is or was released somewhere that people had access to it, then it should go in the database.

The review process is slow sometimes, fast others. It depends how much free time I have, and sometimes @bmo pops in and looks at them too. Rejection reasons are normally just duplicate entries, or if someone tries adding HD rereleases as a separate entry.

When we review the games, we normally add the developer and franchise if we can. If you want to make it easier on me, send me a link to their website and I’ll get them put in there when I go through and approve your submissions. There’s a stack of them I want to get to this weekend if my kid lets me :slight_smile:


I’m currently adding the games from “blueskied” []
(I’ve already noticed that I was sloppy and made a mistake with the christmas version - forgot to add a picture… :man_facepalming:)
I’ve no problem with waiting, just wanted to make sure that the work I put in is not completely wasted :smiley: Enjoy your family time.

One thing you didn’t answer… the online games that had to shut down? Again no-name games, probably not even half a million unique users. Sadly had to shut down after only a few months :frowning:

If people were able to play them at some point, I’m cool with them being in the database. If it was a “no-name” that was in development, but no one but maybe a very select few was able to play it, then we leave it out.

Nope it was completely released. Even world wide launch.
How do I know? I was part of the development team. That… of course has a little impact on my rating, but I don’t care. Just want to have it my collection, especially because it was one of the games I really played, even in my free time.