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Correctly oriented official cover art for a couple recent games:



Question for @peter, when a page needs a picture, I’ve been grabbing the Steam image when available, which are the smaller landscape ones. Is there a preference?

@SIGINT where did you grab these?

Missing Game:

Steam actually has a secret 2:3 ratio image for a lot of games. I’ve been meaning to write a utility that curators could update the landscape images from Steam really easily with a script or button or something. The image is located at{steam_id}/library_600x900.jpg where you just replace {steam_id} with whatever the game’s Steam ID. So Little Goody Two Shoes is here:

There is a create_from_steam URL available to curators that pulls that image. Log In and track your game collection and backlog with Grouvee would be the one for Affogato. If the game is already linked, it’ll just take you to that Grouvee game.


So, I have a bunch of pictures to replace😬

I will get on that utility my friend.

can you add this please?

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I got them from GOG Galaxy, and I’m 99.99% sure they source all theirs from IGDB, so let’s just say IGDB.

Game title is misspelled, it’s Sanabi

Switch version was cancelled

Love you guys!

Whenever could you add this treasure to your arsenal?

Risk of Rain Returns:

In Grouvee website the release date of the Bioshock DLC: Burial at sea episode two is Oct 1, 2013 and in the wikipedia is March 25, 2014

The release date of Cuphead - The Delicious Last Cours is missing, it was released in June 30, 2022

Requesting the following edits:

Franchise: Hidden Cats
Developer & Publisher: Nukearts Studio

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This is the Ueki game I made the entry for:

When I wrote the name, I copied the name I read in every site around there. Now I have read the kanji themselves and found out that the game is not Shinki Sakuretsu!, but Jingi Sakuretsu.

It is read Nouryokusha instead of Nouryokumono.

Both can be heard clearly in the game.

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Can we get this game added to the database?

Name: Raw Metal

Release date: March 19, 2024

Missing Games:

Missing game: Vernal Edge

Also available on Switch and PC.

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Ack, I messed up creating the page for Legendary Journeys (Legendary Journeys (2023) | Grouvee) and failed to actually upload the image somehow.

Here’s the proper image for the game:

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