Request to add game: Pyramid Challenge of the Pharaoh's Dream

Is it possible to add this game to the site?

Pyramid: Challenge of the Pharaoh’s Dream

Anyone remember this game?

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Hey there Aasynje!

You can manually request a game to be added in the database. I will leave the model created by our site creator @peter within this thread to help you out with the issue:

"If you want a game added to the database, add it using this page:

We don’t have a written rule set, although I’m working on one. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Search for the game on Grouvee first! Be careful with games that have characters with accents in the title. We try to have searchable aliases for games, but not everything gets caught. Think Pokémon. Think & vs. and.
  • Remasters of a game don’t get their own page unless they make it a significantly different game. Otherwise they belong in the releases section of a game. See the Monkey Island games for an example of this.
  • Different regional versions of a game don’t get their own pages. The different region releases belong in the releases section.
  • When in doubt, just post something here in the forums. We’ll try to answer and explain."

Hope this helped!