Request - Sorting by "Average completion time"

I would love to have a way to sort my shelves by the average time that it takes to finish a game. This way I could decide to go through my backlog by longest/shortest to finish.


props to you for filling that out. i’m pretty bad about that detail ( a lot of entries i do down the road, having played them pre-grouvee era and i just guesstimate by year)

I would really need and love that.

First, I just discovered that Grouvee tracks this info on game pages. Very cool, saves me continuous trips to Secondly, this would be hugely helpful to sort backlogs to determine efficient pathing to knock off as many games as possible in the shortest time frame. Hope this can be added in a future update, thanks for everything y’all do here.


I have been wanting this option too. Will it be added?

That is a cool idea and it could be useful way to narrow things down to a few games. I forget where the average completion time is pulled from (I believe it is native to grouvee user data) but IIRC its not HLTB. Averation completiion time is thus based on popularity: Games ten years old or more often don’t have any users who submit to it and/or any play time (unless its a well known classic) So, there is that unfortunate loose end (Many of our backloggeries are indeed old games, at least mine is!)

Absolute want.

To add on this, I think the most useful completion time stat for simply determining which games are the most efficient to play through for the first time (i.e. for the purposes of shortening the backlog), is the median of all “main story” and “main story + extras” completions. When playing blind I typically happen to inadvertently do side stuff too, so “main story” by itself would not be accurate enough; and median gets rid of extremely short or long completions that’d skew the average.

HLTB at some point added a “first playthrough?” boolean stat for playthroughs, which Grouvee could do too; sorting by average/median first playthrough would be even more useful.

Furthermore, the “tell me what game to play” feature could calculate from the score and completion length which games provide the most value relative to completion time, and suggest the most “worthwhile” games with the most probability.

I came here to suggest this feature again not remembering I had already replied to this.

I know not all games have a completion time to be shown, but I’m fine with them being listed as undefined.
Please I really need this sorting method!


I’m working on redoing the shelf pages right now. This one’s on my list! Lots more filtering and sorting is the idea.


Any update on this? I just thought of this and went searching and found this thread. I’d love to be able to sort a shelf by average completion time and be able to pick a quick game that I can knock out in a couple hours.

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